Customer Project
  Perodua   IP Manipulator for model Myvi D46T
  Honda   RR SUS Lifter
Customer Project
  Perodua   Spot Cooler System
Customer Project
  Proton   P321A Pallet
  Perodua   Progress Lane Trolley
Customer Project
  Honda   New Engine Transfer Conveyor
  Suzuki Malaysia   Dashboard Installation Trolley
  OMI   Conveyor Roller for Tyre Handling
Customer Project
  Proton   P3-22A Stamping Pallet
  Honda   Dock Leveler for Warehouse
  Construct WE2 Store
  HTS   Side Air Dam, IP Trolley
  TCM SP   Canopy Shed
  Perodua   Partition (Small Room/Big Room)
  Magnet Separator (Japan) for Paint Shop
  Hicom Teck See   YP5 IP Air Balancer
  Inokom BMW   Manipulator System for BMW Models
Customer Project
  Proton   GSC (P2-30A) Pallet
  Perodua   Supply & Install Rail System (KNIGHT)
  Local Exhaust Ventilation System (KRUGER)
  Flooring Works
  Engine Pallet (Stock & Delivery Pallet)
  DI Plant Pit Customized Cover
Customer Project
  Perodua   Install Walkway Platform
  Dismantle & Install New Lighting & Fan
  D63D Press Shop Special Pallet
  D63D Press Shop Special Pallet (repeat)
  Hicom Teck See   Toyota Door Trim Trolley
  Saga Bumper Trolley 
  Saga Bumper Painting Jigs
  Tan Chong (sgm)   Door Inner Pallet
  Proton   Perdana Body Transfer Pallet
Customer Project
  Perodua Global   Hoist Structure For Engine At Assembly Shop
  Jundate Box
  To Supply & Customize New PU Roller
  SUS 304 Ducting
  Inokom   Bumper Robot Base Structure
  Hicom Teck See   P213A Syncro Front/Rear Bumper Trolley
  Commonize IP trolley Preve,Saga & Ertiqa
  Perodua   Magnet For ED Tank
  Steering Column S/A Machine
  To Supply & Install Propeller Fan (KRUGER)
  SPS Picking Sensor for Parts Detection
  Auto Conveyor c/w Traceability on Product
  Pokayake & Andon Information System
  Proton   Body Dolly Transfer
  AISB   Honda TLAA Robot Structure Modification
  Coke   Robot Palletizing
  Mondelez   Barcode Scanning System
Customer Project
  Perodua   Pallet Pnl Roof & Side Outer
  Pallet Side Pillar / Pnl Front Fender For D20N
  D38L Front Bumper Painting Jigs
  Design, Customize & Install Hanging Structure For New IP Line
  Design, Customize & Install Spare Tire Assist System
  D20N Project

Guide Pin, Knuckle Pallet, Quarter Glass Clip Jig, Back Door Glass Clip Jig

IP Trolley

Fr Door LH QG Checker

IP Manipulator Arm & Attachment

Steering Column S/A Machine

Ptototype Attachment For Engine Sub Assy Conveyor

Actuator S/A Machine

Floor Brake Tube S/A Workbench Machine

Rear Axle Lifter

Engine Hanger For Loading & Unloading Engine Sub Assy

FEM Workbench

Pedal Bracket S/A Machine

Radiator S/A Machine Attachment & Holding Jig

  PHN   Modify Common Pallet For Honda TLAA Models
  Proton   EVO Trolley For Transfer Bangladesh Car
  AISB   Delivery Rack
  Perodua Engine   Master Pallet and Inspection Jigs
  Hicom Teck See   REM Trolley
  Tan Chong   Fabricate & Install New Awning For The Delivery Bay
  SMC   Electric Wiring And Sub DB 300 Amp
  Perodua Global   To Maintenance Service Kruger Fan
  Fuji Seat   Fabricate & Install LEV System For Glue  Solvent Spray

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